R G Carter

About the project

In 2011 we worked alongside the R G Carter marketing team to develop their new website on the WordPress platform. The project was a massive undertaking with over 100 pages total and with extensively detailed content requirements. In total it took around 6 months of fully committed development time to complete it. After a successful launch we then went to the R G Carter offices to give a presentation of the custom WordPress admin features interfaces we had built for them and to teach the in house marketing department how to use and answer all of their questions.

The R G Carter website featured state of the art web technology and was one of the first websites on the internet to feature several custom HTML5 canvas. These included an interactive map for their many business locations throughout East Anglia and other parts of the UK, an animated pie chart to display sustainability points and the about us pages featured a custom timeline with vertical navigation using jQuery animate and also featured use of the CSS3 rotate property, which at the time had only just been released.

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