We are Infra Creative

a creative studio focused on website design.

We are a small creative agency bringing you the focus and attention needed to produce revolutionary ideas that drive your project forward and provide you with verifiable value.
Because we’re so hands-on, we don’t bloat your vision with account managers and astronomical overhead costs - instead working with you directly to ensure your project gets the attention it deserves. Founded by a web developer and a graphic designer, collaboration is how our agency actualises strong ideas and team talents to fire-up any brand’s future - big or small.
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Meet the developer

We are an experienced creative design team with a wide range of technical skills required for producing digital and print media.

Gavin Potts

Technical Director

Gavin’s first website launched in 2003 and he has been working with various clients to build websites ever since. From 2010 to present he has specialised in design and development of bespoke WordPress websites, themes and plugins. He has also designed and developed several custom mobile and web applications.

Ben Holland

Creative Director

Ben graduated from Norwich University of the Arts in 2015 with a degree in graphic design specialising in design for publishing. Working as both a freelance and full-time commercial designer for several years he has experienced working directly with clients to produce bespoke design for both print and digital media.

What our clients say

Gavin was a founding member of Yodelay back in 2010 and without him the agency wouldn’t have existed. He’s extremely talented, loyal, committed, professional, can adapt in a variety of skills and has a great work ethic. He also has the ability to think outside the box and see creative opportunities in technical solutions where others don’t. He has helped build WordPress plugins for Yodelay that really set us apart as an innovative provider in digital marketing apps. He has the rare combination of being both technical and creative and would be a huge bonus to any team or project.

Duncan Johnson

After being referred by a business associate, I approached Gavin in March 2018 to help build my website and digital B2B magazine. From the get go, I was impressed by Gavin’s desire to make my digital and web visions a reality. His punctuality and professionalism in completing the work, and the level of detail in which the Magazine and Adverts are designed, is nothing short of world class. I would highly recommend his creative services to anybody within the business community.

Jon Bradley

Infra Creative designed and created everything for my microgreens grow kit brand Eco Greens. Working with them we have been able to produce a professionally designed vector logo along with a well defined brand image, a fully functioning e-commerce website and all of the printed materials required for my products. From start to finish the process was smooth, Gavin and Ben are brilliant at what they do and I’m delighted with the end result of our combined efforts!

Alex Saunders

I started working with Gavin in 2015 to build the Norwich Boxing brand. His advice was spot on and his work was invaluable to me, for more than 3 years he was relentlessly trialling new ideas and acting on ways to promote our brand and improve it as the #1 boxing resource for the local community. In 2019 I approached Gavin again to create my new personal trainer brand and website, I am very thankful for all his hard work and wisdom over the years.

Ben Horner

I worked with Ben to produce a range of collateral printed material for my restaraunt and bar. This included the menus, posters and signage for our valentines day event. Ben always worked to a professional standard and I was more than satisfied with the finished product. I would happily recommend his graphic design services to others.

Joel Guy

The Viva Blue brand needed a fresh new logo design and new business card designs to go along with it. Gavin delivered everything I asked for in no time at all, he far exceeded my expectations with the quality of the finished products and showed professionalism throughout the process, I recommend his services to anyone.

Mahmoud Torky

Starting a new project?

We provide all of the services you might need for starting a new brand or taking your business forward in the digital space. If your project requires any of our creative services, let's discuss the specifics and how we can provide solutions for you.